Complete Guide on Stacker Cranes

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With the help of a stacker crane system, managing the warehouses loads has become an easy task. The compact design, which is equally smart, efficiently uses the warehouses’ space. It should also have the ability to align with the automated mini-load system. As we know, the logistics in the warehouse entirely relies on the retrieval machinery. That’s why stacker cranes should follow the quality standards and bring the best performance on board.

What do Benefits Stacker Cranes provide?

  • Stacker cranes offer bespoke and flexible material managing solutions. This crane’s standard configuration and components can meet every to any material application.
  • Stacker cranes have the optimal speed and quality that the warehouse requires. Stacker cranes are the first house for warehouse errands with maximum load capacity and standard height.
  • By giving a boost to the production, stacker cranes, with the help of the in-house software, only pass those deliveries that have passed the quality test and also ensured by the factory mandate commission.
  • Serving for more than a decade now, stacker cranes have surpassed the thousands of successful installations across the globe.
  • It always follows the rule of the product to the operator and brings all the space into good use.
  • Removing the Margin of human errors from the process and management ensures productivity and reliability.
  • Using this means creating an inventory that will stay permanently.

Types of Stacker Cranes

There are mainly three types of stacker cranes used in automated warehouses to meet diverse needs.

Starting from the installation process with the range of 148′ height to speed movement of the different loads, including pallets and boxes, stacker cranes have a system called extraction system that helps in using the single to triple racks designs. It is also essential to know that the cranes used for boxes, aka mini loads, are larger and sturdier than those used for pallets.

Single Mast Stacker Crane

The single mast stacker crane is able to load both pallets and mini loads. It also promises to provide effective installation to deal with even lightweight load applications.

The maximum height range of a single mat stacker crane is around 150′, but remember that the weight and height range both are connected. So, if the load is higher, its weight has to be light.

Dual Mast Stacker Crane

The double mast stacker crane has two long masts that help her manage all the storage levels. In addition, it comes with a better structure and a sturdier design capable of handling medium to heavy loads. The height limit of the twin stacker crane is 60’s, and the weight limit should be around 2 tones for work efficiency. 

Three-way Stacker Crane

This stacker crane can retrieve and store the pallets in three different positions. With the help of a moving head, trilateral stacker cranes can deposit in any dimension. It is best for warehouses configured on a manual turret truck program. This crane comes with easy installation and can move with the rail system. If you plan to develop to modify your warehouses with the help of stacker cranes, mech Saudi Arabia can be your helping partner. Contact us to learn more about the process and budget.