Experiencing the Healing Effects of Tuina Massage in Dubai

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Tuina massage comes from the traditional chinese medicine,  and is well known for the healing therapy, maintaining the imbalance and blockages from the body, free from the pain and any illness. 

Just step into the SPA  and start the journey of massage for relaxation and restoration like no other!

Tuina massage is the comprehensive therapy that merges with the potential of touch, acupressure and stretching tactics to store the balance and improve the flow of essential energy  called Qi, all over the body. 

The goal of this therapy is to reduce the energetic blockage  that is causing the Qi stagnation and the philosophy of the tuina massage is that healthy life is attained when we find harmony and balance inside the body and their environment.

By this gentle pressure and focused on the particular points. Tuina massage accelerates the body healing mechanisms, relieving the pain, alleviating the anxiety and improving the overall health.

In this blog  we will uncover the techniques and healing influence of the tuina massage 

Techniques of the tuina massage

There are many tuina massage techniques, and in the session of this massage  many practitioners employ the flutacting  and pressure strategies that different in speed and force too. Tuina massage can be done as a powerful deeper tissue massage or energetic  treatment.

Some strategies are the yin , that is more kind , inert and meditative. The yang is more dynamic, active and physical , generating the more inner sensations by accelerating the blockage 

The barristers back rub the muscles and tendons , employ the manipulating  strategies to adjust the body. Inactive joints movements are employed  to store the operation to muscles and joints.

Tuina massage employ the differ techniques for instance acupressure, myofascial release, and reflexology. Occasionally the strategies that are related  to osteopathy and chiropractic, for instance  stretching and joint mobilizations, are also employed .

Some are basic techniques employed in tuina massage 

  • palpating 
  • rejoining  
  • pressing 
  • kneading 
  • pushing 
  • holding 

A few other techniques involved

  • Rolling technique :  This  is mostly used for injuries.
  • One-finger technique : This is a relaxing technique for the  acupressure points.
  • Nei gung : This is a full-body handling technique.


Suffering the healing influence of tuina massage in dubai

1) Tuina massage relieve the neck pain

Tuina massage reduces the pain in the neck  and the stress, anxiety, tightness feeling and irritation.

In  2018 research concluded that this massage is effective for alleviating the pain in the human body with chronic neck pain. 

2) Tuina massage alleviate the lower back pain

Tuina massage can also remove the  lower back pain,  when treatment is connected  with  exercises. In a 2016 study determined  that tuina massage is the best  and gives more effective results with  core stability exercises .

3) Tuina massage and Foot problems from the diabetes 

Tuina massage is also advantage for the audience who have diabetes and foot issues 

A 2018 research determined that the  tuina massage connected with a Chinese medicine foot bath and was helpful for the audience with early age diabetic foot issues.

4) Tuina massage assist in cancer patient life

Tuina massage is a best option for audiences who have the disease of cancer , and handle the symptoms related to the illness and its treatments. 

A 2016 evaluated the influence of  tuina massage on enhancing the  symptoms and the analysis  also considered effects  of 

  1. Acupuncture therapy 
  2. tai chi  therapy
  3. qigong therapy
  4. TCM music therapy 

5) Tuina massage improve the Mental health

Tuina massage also assists in    lessen the stress,  and issues of sleep mostly in adults or in older people. With the balance of harmony in the body , tuina massage improves  emotional stability and mental well being.

6) Tuina massage best for the musculoskeletal disorders

Tuina massage is frequently employed for the operating functions and alleviates the pain  affecting the bone’s alignments. In 2017  review  of the tuina massage is effective for treating the musculoskeletal disorders . 

Final verdict

Tuina massage offers a variety of advantages and techniques  to the individual in Dubai . It is the natural process to treat the patient safely. Tuina massage considered protecting the harmony and balance in the human body by using different techniques , enhancing overall human health . tuina massage  assists to relieve the the back pain  , enhance mental health, promote the absorption health and also solution for diabetes as well as cancer patients.