How Podcasts Help Branding and Conversions

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Any website or web content aims to get conversions, but how do you get a visitor to convert to a buyer? You use good content. All content, social media marketing UAE trends point to one thing: content works. 

From the start of a buyer journey till the clinching of the sale, creative content gets you more business because it makes you the watch. Trust us; you want to be watched or heard with innovative content marketing strategies—like podcasts. 

Podcasts are a great way to create an audience—and a client base—around your brand. Here’s why you’d want to start a podcast: 

Hyper targeting 

Podcasts often cover a niche and have a niche audience. Don’t worry, you want this niche because chances are that you might be the only one covering it. 

A niche will make you experts in your field and the only creators for a target audience, a hypertarget audience. Hyper targeting is a good way to build fresh, convertible content relevant to the relevant listeners. 

You don’t want to market to the entire internet, you want to be heard by the right people. You won’t sell a logistics podcast to a teenager; you’ll sell it to a supply chain manager. 

More than that, you can go from a niche audience to a full-blown online community if you pull the right marketing strings and eventually grow your targets. 

Thought Leadership

All brands should explore thought leadership by selling and providing their expertise. Podcasts will be a great way to establish your expertise. 

Podcasts can be built on original research or reflect your own business processes and insights. What this will do is create a reservoir of usable, reliable, engaging, and exclusive industry information that your listeners won’t get anywhere else. 

You want to be the only credible voice in your industry; it could put you at the top of your game and make a lot of people start listening. 

B2B Marketing 

B2B marketing, or Business-to-Business marketing, can’t have fluff. Marketing content needs to be credible and conversion-oriented. Companies can’t be targeted with Instagram stories; they don’t have the time. You need to give clients something worth their time. 

Long-form, informational content like podcasts provide crucial data to your B2B clients and add value. When you create good content, you show that your brand and services are trustworthy and reliable.  

Podcasting can help build a branding strategy for B2B clients who want to know your take on industry insights as well as your advice on how to navigate the business. 

You can adjust your marketing and sales funnels to include the podcasts. Argue the case of why your clients need a product, service, or strategy, then demonstrate how you and only you can provide them.  

Get Help  A podcast’s scripting and content strategy takes a lot of work, and you might be thinking, who has time for that? Don’t worry, we do; Conversions is the top digital agency Dubai has to offer. We’ll get your voice out there.

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